11 June 2015

Lembongan to Gili Aer

Angela trimming the #2 Genoa
on the way to Gili Aer
We were delighted to have our friends from Perth, David and Angela, along with us from Bali to Gili Aer.  It was wonderful to see them and have their company after the long sailing from Australia to Bali.  It was great as well to have some additional hands for sailing and all the other chores of living aboard. 

It was good to cast the lines once again, and leave behind the hustle and bustle of Bali and its extreme tourism. Following a short three hour trip we arrived at the small island of Lembongan just east of Benoa, Bali. Lembongan is also all tourism during the day time. High speed motor cats bring loads of tourists from Bali to Lembongan for a day of snorkeling, partying and yes even riding a fake submarine, that never makes it below the water’s surface – yes, tourism at its best!

Traditional fishing boat, Gili Gere...a 'spider boat' !
The next day, we set course for Gilli Gede at the south western tip of Lombok Island. Finally away from tourists! Gilli Gede is a sleepy small island with a couple of fishing villages. Very quiet and picturesque and a major cultural change. Lombok is primarily Muslim and with that you hear the call to prayer from the local mosques.

We spent four nights at various places near Gilli Gede. Had some good relaxing times with Dave and Angie, plenty of swimming, reading and sharing great meals and good wines. A lovely relaxing time.

The 'marina' at the southern tip of Gili Gere
From Gilli Gede we set course for the north western corner of Lombok and the island of Gilli Aer. This is another favorite island for young western tourists, mostly young backpackers. The island has some great diving and surfing to offer along with reasonable priced hostels and bungalow type hotels. The small town had a grocery store for some needed food supplies and lots of waterfront restaurants, which we enjoyed to the utmost.

David and Angela at the coffee shop on Gili Aer
Following our second night at Gilli Aer, Dave and Angie departed Katmai for Bali by local ferry transport and then back home to Australia. Our time with them was a wonderful treat.
For us it is time to sail east over the top of Lombok, then Sumbawa and finally the Komodo islands.

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